Knut Bandana | Organic Merino wool

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Size Guide

Knut Bandana Size Guide

Please note, wool is a natural fiber and although the measurements refer to the width and height of the garment, it has a strong element of flexibility.

Is your furbaby between sizes? We suggest choosing the smaller size.

Size Neck Measurement Height ▽
X-Small <26cm / 10.5" ~12cm
Small 25cm - 38cm / 10"-15" ~15cm
Medium 37cm - 50cm / 14"-20" ~20cm
Large 47cm - 65cm / 18"-25" ~25cm
/ Care Instructions

Merino wool Care Instructions

Merino wool is considered self-cleaning due to its lanolin content (a natural waxy substance that gives the wool its anti-bacterial properties and also helps repel water and stains). Sometimes all you need to do is hang the garment in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

Washing Instructions

We recommend washing by hand in cold water with a gentle pH-neutral soap, such as castile soap or an eco wool detergent. Look for “wool soap with lanolin” on Etsy or in your local store. Squeeze rather than rub to remove stains and dry flat on a towel. Never use fabric softeners, it will damage the Merino wool.

In the case of deep creases, please hang the garment in a humid environment (for example in the bathroom while you shower). Alternatively, you can use a steam iron on wool setting (110C/230F).


100% GOTS-certified Merino wool from Guldbransdalen, Norway.

Although very durable, this bandana is not meant for rough wear. To prolong the life of your bandana, please remove before play dates and spot clean only. Never leave your furry friend unattended wearing a bandana or other accessories.

Earth-friendly pet bandana

Our most popular bandana

Handmade with Certified-Organic Merino wool

The Knut bandana is super soft and easy to wear. Lovingly handmade in Sweden with the most beautiful Certified-Organic Merino wool from Guldbransdalen, Norway. Finished with a coconut shell button and our locally handcrafted OHMINME label.

Knut [ kuh-noot ] is a Scandinavian name, it also means ‘knot’ in Swedish and is the name of a traditional festival celebrated on the 13th of January (Tjugondag knut – the day when Christmas trees are taken down and the candies and cookies that decorated the tree are eaten). For this reason, we think Knut is the perfect name for this bandana because it’s so much more than a bunch of hand-knitted knots :)

Earth-friendly pet bandana

Stylish & versatile

One Bandana, Two Looks

The Knut bandana can be worn like normal or folded outwards or inwards (turtleneck style!). Show it off and hashtag your photos with #ohminme - we'd love to see how your furry friend wears it!

Modeled by Hercules in size Small, Grace in size Large, and Benji in size Small

Complete the look with a matching Ilse hair bow