Coconut Fibre Pet Brush

$32.00 AUD

Time for a shiny fur and a clean conscience? This brush is handmade from coconut fibre, which is naturally anti-bacterial. It’s perfect to use both dry for grooming and wet when washing. The rounded ends of the natural fibre brush makes it soft enough for your dog’s sensitive skin.

x Plastic free
x Fair Trade
x Biodegradable

Does your dog hate being brushed? It’s more than likely not the brushing itself, but the brush! Nylon and wire brushes are too harsh and will eventually end up in landfill. Try the Eco Max coconut fibre brush and see (and feel!) the difference.

Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka from coco fibre from coconut husks, sustainable timber, and galvanised wire. Comes with a cotton cord for hanging. This pet brush can be used to brush out dirt, sand, dry skin cells, and loose hairs. It can also be used wet when washing to help spread shampoo through the coat, or lather the soap directly on the brush and then spread it evenly. The naturally anti-bacterial properties of the coconut fibre means that the brush won’t go smelly or mouldy between uses.

Dimensions: 20cm long x 8cm wide (small), or 30cm long x 10cm wide (large).


Only 1 left in stock!

Handmade in Australia

Woman owned small business

Sustainable materials

Every order plants a tree

Rinse and place in your dish rack to dry. At the end of its life, please put your brush into a compost bin where it will breakdown naturally, leaving only a wire to recycle.

If any fibres fall out when new – don’t worry! That’s extra fibres left in from when it’s made.

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