Aboriginal Australian Bandana | Bush Tucker

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Size Guide

Tie-on Bandana Size Guide

Please allow a one-finger gap (smaller dogs) or a two-finger gap (bigger dogs) when you measure for a comfortable and secure fit.

Small: fits up to a 30cm neck
Medium: fits up to a 45cm neck
Large: fits up to a 55cm neck

Each bandana is completed with a snap button, making it safer for your furry friend to wear.

A traditional square tie-on bandana, handmade with 100% cotton fabric designed here in Australia by an Aboriginal artist.

Authentic Aboriginal Art by June Smith

Bush food (referred to as bush tucker in Australia) traditionally refers to any food which is native to Australia and is used as nourishment by the original inhabitants, the Australian Aborigines. For thousands of years Aboriginal people survived living off the land, eating well when food was plentiful & conserving it in times of drought.

Examples of bush tucker include bush tomato, kakadu plum, wattleseed, muntries (native cranberry), macadamia and bunya nuts. The most identifiable bush tucker plant harvested and sold in large-scale commercial quantities is the macadamia nut.

June Smith, born in 1960, is a well-known Aboriginal artist in Santa Teresa, Alice Springs. She is strongly involved in her community and is a respected and strong mother and grandmother.