Aboriginal Australian Bandana | Bush Coconut

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Size Guide

Tie-on Bandana Size Guide

Please allow a one-finger gap (smaller dogs) or a two-finger gap (bigger dogs) when you measure for a comfortable and secure fit.

Small: fits up to a 30cm neck
Medium: fits up to a 45cm neck
Large: fits up to a 55cm neck

Each bandana is completed with a snap button, making it safer for your furry friend to wear.

A traditional square tie-on bandana, handmade with 100% cotton fabric designed here in Australia by an Aboriginal artist.

Authentic Aboriginal Art by Audrey M. Napanangka

The Bush coconut is an Australian bush tucker food, often eaten by Aborigines of Central Australia. The bush coconut is, in fact, the result of a symbiotic relationship between a tree and an insect! It grows on the Desert Bloodwood Eucalyptus trees and is the size of an apple with a rough exterior. Once you break it open a large grub can be found inside. Both the fruit and the grub are eaten. The grub is full of water and tastes really sweet, and the white fruit flesh tastes like coconut. Two meals for the price of one!

Audrey Martin Napanangka is a very talented artist. She was born in the region of Yuendumu, where bush coconuts grow abundantly.

Modeled by Grace in size Large, and Chibo in size Small