Our cards are handmade with 100% recycled paper and is embedded with edible Forget-Me-Not flower seeds or carrot seeds. A nutritional snack for pups and pawrents! :)

For best result, plant the seeds in Spring - Autumn (after the last freeze if you are in a cold region, and from Autumn in the tropics) or indoors.

Planting Instructions

1. Soak the card in water until soft.
2. Place on seed raising mix in a pot or directly into a garden bed. Lightly cover with more mix.
3. Water well and ensure paper stays moist, especially within the first weeks. If indoors, place the pot in a sunny spot.

Germination should take 7-21 days.


Don't forget to show us your seedlings! We would love to follow your plant updates. Tag your photos with #plantOHMINME and @OHMINME on Instagram so we can find you. Happy growing!