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We are OHMINME, a mother and daughter duo working on opposite sides of the world to make beautiful, thoughtful, and functional dog accessories. OHMINME is a small home based business, located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. This is where Linnea (and her little helpers Chibo & Ohana) lovingly hand make every item to order.

Helene knits our GOTS organic Merino wool bandanas and sweaters. When not knitting for OHMINME, she makes the most beautiful organic clothing for children (the non-furry kind) and adults. All our knitted items are lovingly hand made in Kalmar, Sweden.

Kind to Earth and Kind to your Dog

We think dogs are family, and it's natural that we want only the best for them. That's why our products are carefully made with your best friend's well-being in mind, using sustainable and certified organic materials. Free from plastic and harmful chemicals, our products are kind to earth and can safely be used by pets and people with sensitivities.

For every order we receive, one native tree will be planted in Australia where it's needed the most. Thank you for not only shopping small and handmade, but for helping us make a difference!

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Helene & Leo knitting

Why we avoid synthetic & conventionally grown fibres:

Did you know plastic/synthetic fibres, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and PVC (often called "vegan leather"), can outlive us by a thousand years in landfill? These materials are produced from non-renewable fossil fuels like petroleum, and every time you wear and wash these items, they shed tiny plastic fibres. We are breathing them in, drinking them, eating them, and they are polluting our oceans.

Conventionally grown (non-organic) cotton is also one of the dirtiest crops. It uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world! Every day we feel the harmful effects of non-organic cotton and fabrics. These carcinogens poison farmers all over the world, as well as animals and wildlife when it seeps into the earth, lakes, rivers and waterways.

Why we use sustainable & certified organic fibres:

Free of harsh chemicals, waxes, toxic dyes and fabric treatments - hemp, linen and organic cotton are softer and gentler on sensitive skin. They also require less water, energy, and chemicals (if none) to produce, and at the end of their life cycle these materials will decompose naturally.

With our products you can feel good knowing they are socially, ethically & environmentally responsible. The materials we use are ones that we wear ourselves, knowing they are the best choice for us, the earth, and our dogs health.


Love, Linn & your friends at OHMINME

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