Aboriginal Australian Bandana | Waterhole & Seeds

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Size Guide

Tie-on Bandana Size Guide

Please allow a one-finger gap (smaller dogs) or a two-finger gap (bigger dogs) when you measure for a comfortable and secure fit.

Small: fits up to a 30cm neck
Medium: fits up to a 45cm neck
Large: fits up to a 55cm neck

Each bandana is completed with a snap button, making it safer for your furry friend to wear.

A traditional square tie-on bandana, handmade with 100% cotton fabric designed here in Australia by an Aboriginal artist.

Authentic Aboriginal Art by Anna Pitjara

Anna Pitjara comes from a well-known Aboriginal artist family. She was born at Utopia Station in 1965. Her artwork on waterhole and seeds is bold, strong and neat. Both seeds and waterhole are neatly drawn in a semi desert surrounding.

For the 60,000 years that Aboriginal people have lived in Australia, water has played a critical role, not just for survival in an often arid and harsh environment, but also for its significance in Aboriginal culture and identity. Water helped in defining language boundaries and ceremonial places and also underpins many land management practices (source).

In some areas, artwork and carvings on trees that were thousands of years old pointed the way to water sources that were difficult to find. Over the past two hundred years, many of these trees and artworks have been removed as a result of land clearing and farming.