Aboriginal Australian Bandana | Wild Tomato

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A traditional square tie-on bandana, handmade by us with 100% cotton fabric designed by an Australian Aboriginal artist.

Authentic Aboriginal Art by Audrey Napanangka

The wild tomato plant is usually waxy looking and grows in creek areas in the Australian Northern Territory. The ripe fruits have a strong fragrance which may be smelled from long distances. A single plant produces many fruits, rich in potassium and vitamin C. There are more than 100 varieties of wild bush tomato, but only a handful of them are edible.

The design shows women sitting around a waterhole with already picked fruits in the coolamon (basket) and digging sticks.

Size Guide

Small: fits up to a 30cm neck
Medium: fits up to a 45cm neck
Large: fits up to a 55cm neck

The bandana is completed with a brass button, making it much safer for your furry friend to wear.